Friday, February 22, 2008

A Comment on The Russ Whitney Organization to the Associated Press, Posted by Robert Paisola

Dear Investigator,

I am reviewing the saved email from victims of the Whitney secret alliance.
The Florida State Attorney Generals office has reached a settlement agreement with the Whitney Information Network, a parent company of several other companies that advertise through infomercials and free seminars. This settlement should address all the different complaints including yours.

My Personal Experience: It is no accident when it takes 21 days to view, question and inspect the services from all the Whitney Training Academies. All Whitney companies are well trained in refund denial. They have a department dedicated to the whole BBB and FTC process. Students sign an agreement that promises to abide by the consumers 3 day right to a refund under the Consumers Protection Act, enforced by the FTC. This puts the student at ease while (Your Gurus Name Here) creates a gross discrepancy between his oral representations and the facts. Ya, he lies.
Dissatisfied consumers will receive more than $1 million in refunds as a result of the state's investigation and settlement. I would like to do more then just get a refund. This is a deliberate theft by deception. All Whitney organizations have a department that meets once a week to make a decision regarding your refund request. And, of course, you didn't request a refund in the time you agreed to when you signed the student agreement. The agreement now becomes a receipt for the 3 ring binder and not the training.

ATTN: Your free seminar guru may threaten to sue you for sharing your experiences on the internet. These defamation law suits will leave no doubt, in the mind of the judge, that a theft by deception has occurred. Please save all the advertising used by the free seminar and (your gurus name here). Your Gurus defamation law suit will bring us one step closer to the final solution to this global problem. $1,000,000 will not be enough to pay us all back, or impress (Your Guru) and the secret Russ Whitney alliance.

Please follow this link to read the news release.,infomercial


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